As Team Combat League (TCL) gears up for its second season, an interesting anomaly catches attention: Gabi Morales, a promising talent hailing from Massachusetts, has chosen to fight for the New York team rather than his local Boston squad.

“The coach for NYC Attitude called, hit me up and said he would love for me to come down and try out for the team,” explained Gabi, who is signed to Reyes Boxing Promotions. “Me and the family went down to New York after I got the call. It was a good time!”

Morales’s decision stems from a lack of intrigue in the Boston team’s dynamics. “I heard they had a Boston team, it didn’t really intrigue me, because I already know how Boston works and they like to move,” Gabi shared. “So I didn’t really care for it all, but when the NY coach called me and told me that he wanted me to come down, that’s what lit the fuse underneath me.”

For Morales, this move represents more than just a change in location. “I just never had that camaraderie with any of the Boston fighters,” he explained. “I’ve always took my own path, I don’t like feeling like I’m following the crowd. That’s why originally it wasn’t it my plans.”

As Gabi prepares for his TCL debut, followed by a bout in New Hampshire on April 6th, the 28-year-old boxer seeks to continue his undefeated streak and make his mark in the TCL ring.