TCL President Dewey Cooper: Revolutionizing Combat Sports with a Team-Based Approach

Dewey Cooper, a veteran of combat sports as a participant, trainer, and leader, has created a groundbreaking format that challenges the notion that boxing is an individual sport. Team Combat League (TCL) not only transforms boxing into a team sport but also allows fans to rally behind their cities, similar to other major sports like football, basketball, and baseball. In TCL, victories and defeats are shared collectively. As TCL enters its second season, it’s rapidly making its mark in the world of combat sports. With continuous improvements, President Dewey Cooper believes the best is yet to come. Fans can choose to watch individual events for $7.99 or enjoy the entire season for $59.99. Don’t miss out on the excitement of season two and beyond.

We had the opportunity to speak with Mr. Cooper and get an inside look at Team Combat League!

Transforming Boxing into a Team Sport: The Birth of TCL

“Boxing is often called the loneliest sport, but it truly requires a team,” Cooper explained. “We need coaches, training partners, conditioning coaches, and sometimes mind coaches. Though the fighter is in the ring alone, they are supported by a team. As someone who played various team sports growing up, I wanted to create a concept that incorporated the camaraderie of team sports while preserving the passion of professional boxing. That’s how Team Combat League was born.”

Innovative Format: Fast-Paced, High-Energy Action

“We’ve created the most exciting fighting format in the world,” said Cooper. “In traditional boxing, you sometimes get long 10-12 round fights that aren’t very engaging. Our format eliminates that. TCL brings non-stop excitement, with a team element that allows fans to support their city. Each team represents a city, and they compete in a 24-round fight, with each round being a separate individual matchup. This means you only have 3 minutes to showcase your skills and win your round. The team with the most points at the end wins. It’s a brilliant concept that fans are loving.”

Viral Moments and Growing Popularity

“We had a viral moment recently with Patrick Mailata of the Las Vegas Hustle knocking out Greg Hardy of the Dallas Enforcers,” Cooper recounted. “The video hit over 300,000 views on X overnight. The excitement in the stadium was electric, with fans on their feet from start to finish. Our league is designed for today’s fast-paced world, appealing to people who want quick, thrilling action.”

Continuous Improvement and Fan Engagement

“We’re always looking to improve,” Cooper stated. “We’ve made several changes from last season, including expanding the number of fighters and rounds. This year, we have two women’s weight classes and our female fighters compete in 3-minute rounds, just like the men. We want to ensure our fans feel they are getting great value for their money, whether they watch a single event or the entire season.”

Balancing Multiple Roles: The Life of Dewey Cooper

“I’ve always been a multitasker,” Cooper said. “My career in combat sports has spanned professional boxing, kickboxing, and MMA. Balancing my role as President of TCL with my work as a trainer and mentor in various combat sports is second nature to me. I bring energy and positivity to everything I do, and I believe that’s what drives the success of Team Combat League.”

Future Aspirations: Global Expansion and Youth Development

“Our goals for TCL include global expansion and hosting international events,” Cooper revealed. “We want to grow our fan base worldwide and attract international talent. We’re also investing in youth programs to cultivate new talent and ensure the long-term growth of TCL. We’re committed to refining our business model to provide the best experience for our fans and participants.”

Conclusion: The Future of Team Combat League

“Team Combat League is revolutionizing combat sports,” Cooper concluded. “With our unique format and team-based approach, we’re creating a new, exciting way for fans to engage with boxing. As we continue to grow and evolve, the best is yet to come.”

Season II of TCL continues this month with two events on June 15 and June 19. Tickets are available now. Join the action and be part of the future of combat sports.