MOHEGAN SUN, CT (May 22, 2023) – Last week at the Mohegan Sun Expo Center in Connecticut, Team Combat League (TCL) delivered another exhilarating event, showcasing fierce competition between boxers in a team format. The Atlanta Attack, NYC Attitude, D.C. Destroyers, Las Vegas Hustle, LA TenGoose, and Dallas Enforcers all battled it out for victory in a thrilling display of prizefighting.

In the first matchup of the evening, the Atlanta Attack (4-1) coached by Sam Arnold Sr., triumphed over the Las Vegas Hustle (2-3) in an intense showdown that left spectators on the edge of their seats. Atlanta was led by middleweight workhorse

Khalid Johnson and overcame two wins each by Sam Senior’s son, Sam Arnold Jr. and heavyweight Michael “The Bounty” Hunter.

“We are gratified we were able to pull out a victory over a deep and experienced Las Vegas team,” said Atlanta coach, Mustafa Meekins. “Our guys left it all out in the ring as they have all year round.”

The excitement continued as the NYC Attitude (5-1) clashed with the LA TenGoose (1-4) in a contest that proved to be a true spectacle. The turning point in the match was a knockdown scored by NY lightweight Jonibek Khotamov. Khotamov, despite being clearly outmatched virtually the entire round against Alan “Kid Kansas” Garcia, did not despair and scored a late round knockdown that turned the tides for the Attitude.

The fight also featured two hotly contested rounds between Los Angeles Middleweight, Argentinian superstar Alejandro Silva and NYC standout Cristian Cangelosi. The fight of the match, however, was turned in by the ladies, Lizette Lopez vs Nicole Ocasio, who went toe-to-toe for the entire two-minute round.

“We were depleted going in with a lot of injuries,” said Benny Roman, coach of NYC. “Every member of the team needed to step up to prevail against an uber talented LA team. We couldn’t be more excited for our team…it was a true team effort.”

The evening reached its peak when the D.C. Destroyers (2-2) locked horns with the Dallas Enforcers (2-3) in a battle for supremacy. Both teams fought valiantly, but it was the D.C. Destroyers who ultimately prevailed, showcasing their unwavering determination and unity as a formidable unit.

DC overcame a stunning debut by former Carolina Panther and Dallas Cowboy, Greg Hardy. Hardy single handedly almost carried his team to victory, accounting for a TCL record 5 points, but DC’s depth proved too much for Dallas. The fight featured two thrilling rounds between DC’s Most Valuable Fighter candidate, Quincey Williams and Dallas’ Cuban sensation, Dayan Depestre.

“We had a clear game plan to attack throughout,” said DC Coach, Barry Hunter. “

All credit to Dallas for a great effort but kudos to our guys for staying calm, not getting rattled, and performing at an exceptional level. Our team is adapting to the fast-paced format and getting better every week, I couldn’t be more pleased.”

“The Team Combat League remains committed to delivering thrilling entertainment, showcasing the skills of elite athletes and redefining the boundaries of competitive combat sports,” said Dewy Cooper, the leagues president. “Fans can look forward to future events that promise even more excitement, adrenaline-pumping action, and moments that will be etched in their memories for years to come.”

About Team Combat League:

Team Combat League competitions employ a unique and exclusive point scoring system. Each match contains 18 three-minute rounds of nonstop action. Teams compete across six weight categories, five male and one female. Each round is scored individually with additional points added for knockouts and knockdowns. There are 3 judges appointed by a licensed boxing commission. A round is scored 10-9 to the winner for any round judged by decision. A round that features a knockdown is scored 10-8 to the winner and any round in which there is two knockdowns or a stoppage is scored 10-7 for the winner. It’s not rocket science, at the conclusion of the 18 rounds, the team with the most points wins!