LONG BEACH, CA (August 18, 2023) – Team Combat league is proud to announce the winners of its inaugural season awards to those fighters who demonstrated continuous excellence in and out of the ring.

The Muhammad Ali Most Entertaining fighter award was presented to Greg Hardy in recognition of his effort and the excitement generated every time he stepped in the ring. Hardy will be fighting Michael Hunter as part of the co main event all-star match at MegaBrawl 1, History in the Making(Buy Tickets HERE)

The Joe Louis Community Service award was given to Corey Caad for his work with the incarcerated.

The Ali/Frazier fight of the year award went to Lizette Lopez of the Los Angeles Tengoose and Nicole Ocasio of the New York City Attitude for their efforts in week 7.

The George Foreman Most Resilient fighter award is given to a fighter 35 years of age or older who demonstrates excellence in the ring and overcomes challenging circumstances outside the ring. Two Dallas EnforcersJennifer Miranda and Andre Ewell earned the nod.

Those fighters who made their pro debut were eligible for The Mike Tyson Rookie of the Year award. Quincey Williams of the DC Destroyers emerged as the winner in an extremely competitive category.

Finally, due to the competitive nature of the race for the Sugar Ray Robinson Most Valuable Fighter Award, action from the semifinals was considered. A strong performance in the semifinals led to Cristian Cangelosi of the New York City Attitude being granted the coveted title of Most Valuable Fighter.

About Team Combat League:

Team Combat League competitions employ a unique and exclusive point-scoring system. Each match contains 18 three-minute rounds of nonstop action. Teams compete across six weight categories, five male and one female. Each round is scored individually, adding additional points for knockouts and knockdowns. A licensed boxing commission appoints three judges. A round is scored 10-9 to the winner for any round judged by decision. Any round that features a knockdown is scored 10-8 for the winner, and any round in which there are two knockdowns, or a stoppage is scored 10-7 for the winner. After the 18 rounds, the team with the most points wins! Team Combat’s League Championship Match, MegaBrawl 1, History In The Making, will occur Sunday, August 20, 2023. Buy Tickets HERE or Stream HERE.