Team Combat League is proud to announce the establishment of annual awards to be handed out to members of the Team Combat League community  who distinguish themselves in regular season action. The Sugar Ray Robinson Most Valuable Fighter will be awarded to the most outstanding fighter in the league who is the most critical to the success of their respective team.  The Mike Tyson Rookie of the Year Award will be distributed to the most outstanding fighter who is 23 years of age or younger and is participating in their first year of action in the league. The George Foreman Moist Resilient Fighter Award will be handed out to the most outstanding fighter who is 37 years of age or older.

The Ali Frazier fight of the year award will be awarded to the two fighters who participate in the most exciting round of action in that particular year. The Muhammad Ali community service award will go to the fighter who most exemplifies service to the community. Finally, the Cus D’amato Coach of the year will be given to the coach who is most adept at extracting the best possible performances out of fighters on the coach’s team relative to their skill level.

Early candidates for the Sugar Ray Robinson MVF Award include Khalid Johnson of the Atlanta Attack, Quincey Williams of the DC Destroyers Samuel Arnold 3rd of the Las Vegas Hustle, Iyana Verduszco of the LA Tengoose, Ralph Clemente of the New York City Attitude and Aj Graham of the Dallas Enforcers. President Dewey Cooper remarked” We are privileged to be able to establish in our inaugural season annual awards for outstanding performance. We look forward to honoring those individuals who have not only excelled in important areas in and out of the ring but have also been critical to the launch of our groundbreaking league.”

About Team Combat League:

Team Combat League competitions employ a unique and exclusive point scoring system. Each match contains 18 three-minute rounds of nonstop action. Teams compete across six weight categories, five male and one female. Each round is scored individually with additional points added for knockouts and knockdowns. There are 3 judges appointed by a licensed boxing commission. A round is scored 10-9 to the winner for any round judged by decision. A round that features a knockdown is scored 10-8 to the winner and any round in which there is two knockdowns or a stoppage is scored 10-7 for the winner. It’s not rocket science, at the conclusion of the 18 rounds, the team with the most points wins!