Former IWBF World Super Featherweight champion, Ronica Jeffrey, is set to make her debut with the NYC Attitudes of Team Combat League (TCL) on March 28. This marks Jeffrey’s return to competitive boxing after a five-year hiatus, during which she remained actively involved in the sport.

Despite not having professional bouts for several years, Jeffrey has been deeply immersed in boxing. “I’m also a personal trainer at a boxing gym, so I’m always boxing,” she shared. Working at Gleason’s Gym in Brooklyn, Jeffrey regularly trains and mentors amateur fighters, maintaining her connection to the ring.

Team Combat League features both male and female boxers, with each match comprising 18 three-minute rounds. Points are scored individually for each round, with additional points awarded for knockouts and knockdowns.

Jeffrey expressed enthusiasm for the upcoming season and hinted at potential collaborations with celebrities who frequent Gleason’s Gym. “Bring them my way; I will get them together real quick,” she remarked, highlighting her readiness to assist in training sessions.

Raised in a West Indian family, Jeffrey’s journey into boxing began in her early 20s as part of a weight loss endeavor. Embracing the technical aspects of the sport, she found joy in acquiring new skills and ultimately transitioned into competitive boxing at the encouragement of her trainer. Now, as she prepares to step back into the ring with TCL, Jeffrey views it as another opportunity to challenge herself and inspire others.

“Once again, it’s the challenge of something different and actually being a part of something new that has to do with boxing,” Jeffrey, now 41, reflected. “It makes me feel like my very first time when I wanted to challenge myself and see what I’m capable of. That brings a sense of empowerment. It’s something I can share with other women and give to other women who would look up to me. We all need to test ourselves.”