Former world title challenger Ronica Jeffrey is set to make her mark in the Team Combat League (TCL), representing the New York City Attitude team in the upcoming season. In an exclusive interview, Jeffrey shared her excitement and preparations ahead of her debut in Philadelphia on March 28th.

Having taken a break from the ring for five years, Jeffrey discussed her return to boxing, attributing her decision to the unique opportunity presented by TCL. With TCL’s format featuring a series of one-round fights, Jeffrey expressed her enthusiasm for the new challenge and the camaraderie of being part of a team.


Reflecting on her extended hiatus from boxing, Jeffrey revealed that the circumstances, including the COVID-19 pandemic, played a role in her absence. However, she emphasized her readiness to return and the thrill of competing in the innovative TCL format.

As she gears up for her Philadelphia debut, Jeffrey expressed her fondness for the city, citing her past experiences and connections with the local boxing scene. Despite the reputation of Philadelphia fans for their passionate support, Jeffrey is confident in receiving a warm welcome, given her ties to the city.

With her sights set on the TCL season opener, Jeffrey exudes confidence in representing New York City with the “attitude” they are known for. As she prepares to step back into the ring, Jeffrey remains focused on enjoying the experience and leaving her mark in the TCL arena.

Stay tuned as Ronica Jeffrey and the New York City Attitude team bring their flair and talent to the TCL stage, promising an electrifying debut in Philadelphia on March 28th.