The landscape of boxing is undergoing a transformation, challenging traditional norms. Among the recent shifts is the emergence of Team Combat League (TCL), now entering its second season, with conferences split into East and West divisions.

Renowned boxing coach Jeff Mayweather, hailing from the famed Mayweather family in Grand Rapids, Michigan, sees TCL as a significant evolution in the sweet science.

Speaking with TSL, Mayweather emphasized, “I think every round will be fresh because you have a fresh opponent fighting a fresh opponent. It’s kind of like the YouTubers. When it started, everybody thought it was a joke, and then it became successful, and now it’s here to stay.”

Mayweather believes in the lasting power of TCL, highlighting its uniqueness as a team-based sport. “You’re not going to have one round where a guy is stopped or beaten up. You’re going to have two guys in there who should be ready to give their best.”

What Sets Team Combat League Apart? According to the league’s website, Team Combat League matches feature “24 three-minute rounds of nonstop action.” Fighters compete in one-round matches across eight weight classes, each match divided into Launch, Middle, and Money rounds.

Mayweather stressed the importance of strategy, stating, “It’s still about scoring points. You’ve got to have a good jab because your jab sets up everything. You have to look for guys that are front-runners. Even if you lose a round maybe your teammate can make up the round you lost.”

Reflecting on the sport’s evolution and varied opportunities for prizefighters, Mayweather concluded, “These new little exhibition fights are making so many new ways of making money, and this is just another avenue.”

Is the team-based approach the future of boxing? Mayweather’s perspective certainly signals a shift in the way the sport is perceived and approached.