Boxing trainer Jeff Mayweather, part of the legendary Mayweather family, sheds light on the misjudgments and assumptions associated with his name. Known for his training expertise and having coached champions like Sultan Ibragimov and Celestino Caballero, Mayweather discusses the pros and cons of the Mayweather legacy. Despite being recognized and respected in the boxing world, he grapples with being perceived as arrogant due to the outspokenness of his family members, including Floyd Mayweather Jr.:

“The perks are when you go to fights, you are highly respected.

“The other side of it is a lot of times people judge you because… myself I deal with everybody the same way, I treat people how I want to be treated…

“But the one thing is this…automatically just because you have a name [people think] it makes you arrogant. 

“A lot of times people misjudge you and that’s happened to me. 

“Mostly anybody in boxing who knows me knows that I am one of the nicest people you will meet in boxing.”

The experienced trainer has recently joined Las Vegas Hustle in Season 2 of Team Combat League (TCL), a revolutionary squad-based boxing format. Speaking on TCL’s unique structure and his role within it, Mayweather emphasizes the league’s distinct approach to matches, featuring a diverse roster of fighters.

While awaiting tryouts for the mixed-gender league’s upcoming season, Mayweather expresses his belief in Floyd Jr.’s abilities and foresees success in his upcoming exhibition rematch against John Gotti III. Addressing misconceptions, Mayweather emphasizes his approachability and affirms his reputation as one of boxing’s friendliest figures, often overlooked due to the assumptions tied to his renowned surname.