In an electrifying live session, Florencia Belen La Matona, the trailblazing female boxer from Uruguay, unfolded her 13-year journey, including triumphs at the MERCOSUR Championship in Mexico. Renowned as the first professional female boxer in Uruguay, Florencia expressed her honor to be part of the Team Combat League, heralding a new era for boxing.

Representing the Las Vegas Hustle, Florencia shared her philosophy that boxing is a sport driven by skill, with discipline prevailing over mere talent. Despite her petite stature, she has earned the moniker of a ring bully, emerging as a transformative force in the sport.

This exclusive live session, covered by The Hype Magazine, not only captures Florencia’s remarkable career but also marks a significant moment in the ongoing narrative of boxing’s evolution. Stay tuned for more updates as Florencia Belen continues to make waves in the Team Combat League.