In anticipation of Francis Ngannou’s upcoming match against Anthony Joshua, coach Dewey Cooper shares strategic insights. Having coached Ngannou since 2017, Cooper recognizes that the element of surprise is no longer a factor. Nevertheless, he expresses confidence in Ngannou’s ability to demonstrate his “next evolution” in the ring.

Reflecting on Ngannou’s previous match against Tyson Fury, where he surprised many with his performance, Cooper acknowledges that Joshua is now well aware of Ngannou’s capabilities. Despite this, Cooper remains optimistic, citing improvements in Ngannou’s stamina and overall skill since the Fury fight.

Cooper highlights Ngannou’s distinct attributes, describing him as “different” and noting his rapid progress in the sport. While Joshua poses a significant threat with his knockout power, Cooper believes that Ngannou’s continuous growth will give him an advantage in the fight.

The highly anticipated showdown between Ngannou and Joshua is scheduled for March 8 in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Following the bout, Cooper will continue his role as the president of Team Combat League, a position he has held since its inception. He previously coached the Las Vegas Hustle in the league’s inaugural season.