Brooklyn, NY — At just 27 years old, Pryce Taylor, the formidable heavyweight prospect, is making waves in the boxing scene. Guided by his manager, Keith Sullivan, a New York City-based lawyer with a keen eye for talent, Taylor is on a trajectory to a remarkable career.

“I just want to fight!” Taylor exclaims, embodying the spirit of a true warrior eager to prove himself in the ring. His manager, Sullivan, shares his enthusiasm, stating, “I plan on this being a busy year for Pryce. He has a lot of potential but needs the ring experience. I know that if we develop him in the right way, he’ll showcase greatness one day.”

Taylor’s professional journey kicked off on December 1st with a spectacular pro debut at Melrose Ballroom in Queens. In a display of his raw power, he knocked out Mike Diorio in the opening round, sending a clear message to the boxing world about his capabilities.

The promising start was momentarily halted when Taylor’s next scheduled bout in New York City was canceled due to his opponent’s failure to pass eye exams. However, Taylor’s resilience and dedication to his craft were evident as he continued training, awaiting the next opportunity.

Sullivan, recognizing the importance of ring time for Taylor’s development, had to look beyond New York to secure a fight. The opportunity came in the form of a show presented by RDT Promotions at Harrah’s Philadelphia in Chester, Pennsylvania. Taylor didn’t disappoint; he stopped Gabriel Aguillar Costa at the 56-second mark of round one.

Reflecting on the fight, Taylor said, “He came out throwing punches, but I stayed calm, and I could tell by the way he looked after I landed that body shot, I knew it was over.”

The fight in Philadelphia marked Taylor’s first venture outside New York, providing him with a new experience, including travel and a hotel stay. Taylor, who continues to amass new fans with every fight, remains grounded, acknowledging the support he receives.

Looking ahead, Taylor is gearing up for his next scheduled fight on March 7th at Sony Hall, part of a show organized by Larry Goldberg’s Boxing Insider. Tickets for the event are already on sale, promising an electric atmosphere as Taylor aims to extend his undefeated streak.

Taylor’s journey into professional boxing was preceded by an illustrious amateur career, boasting two New York Golden Gloves Championship titles and four runner-up finishes in the USA National Championships. His accolades include competing against future Olympian Joshua Edwards.

In 2022, Taylor showcased his skills in the Team Combat League, securing seven wins for New York. Although not part of his professional record, these victories contributed significantly to his growth as a fighter. Taylor is set to compete in the league again this season.

As the buzz around Pryce Taylor continues to grow, boxing enthusiasts eagerly anticipate his next moves, recognizing him as a rising star in the heavyweight division. With a manager like Keith Sullivan guiding his career, the boxing world can expect exciting bouts and perhaps witness the emergence of a future champion in the making. Stay tuned for more updates on Pryce Taylor’s thrilling journey through the ranks of professional boxing.