Boxing coaches Bobby Benton, Austin Trout, Tony Mack, and AC Bryant recently appeared on the Women Crushing Wednesdays podcast to discuss the Team Combat League.

The coaches explained that the league consists of 12 teams across major US cities. Fighters compete in one 3-minute round bouts each week, with team scores tallied to determine an overall league champion. There are 8 men’s weight classes and 2 women’s weight classes. The league provides fighters an opportunity to compete and earn money without risking their professional records.

All the coaches were enthusiastic about the league and the opportunity it provides fighters. Benton and Trout will co-coach the Houston Hitmen. Mack is coaching the Dallas Enforcers, while Bryant leads the San Antonio Snipers. They engaged in some friendly trash talk about whose team would prevail.

The coaches are holding open tryouts in their cities to recruit talent. Fans are encouraged to attend and see the action firsthand. The coaches hope the league will shine a spotlight on the depth of boxing talent in Texas.

They believe the league will grow in popularity, as the Contender show did for boxing years ago. The Team Combat Boxing League promises to provide lots of exciting matchups and dramatic action throughout its upcoming season.