Tre'Vaughn Jones

Light Heavyweight - 175
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TreVaughn "Tre" Jones was born in 1999 in Amityville, NY, Island. He fights in the light heavyweight class as an orthodox fighter with more of a boxer-puncher style.

Tre explains how he got started with boxing, "Where I grew up, it wasn’t the best neighborhood at the time, so I often got into trouble a lot in the streets with my family or friends at a young age. It was tough being raised by a single mother who was always working twice as hard to provide for me and my sisters. We were always bouncing from house to house and even landed in shelters at times. I was getting into fights at school sometimes because I wasn’t good at making new friends so I didn’t get along with everyone. After a really bad fight broke out in my sophomore year, I was expelled and kicked out of school immediately."

Tre decided to take on a new path in life—boxing—after realizing that he wanted to learn how to control his anger another way. In Brentwood, he found a recreation center with a boxing gym called Suffolk PAL at the back. At 15 years old, he started boxing and instantly fell in love with the sport.

Tre says, "I found my true outlet & never looked back. I also discovered later down the line that I had boxing in my family from Floyd Patterson being my great uncle that made me believe I was meant for the sport even more."

Tre won the NY Ringmasters Tournament in 2022 at Madison Square Garden. His biggest career highlight so far is his first round knockout in the first minute at the Freeport Recreation Center. He says, "I think my family is my biggest motivation because my whole life I’ve watched my mother struggle & try to always make the best work for us. My future goals are to set up generational wealth for the family to finally see change and get us out of poverty. One of my biggest goals is to become a star in the sport of boxing and become a future contender for a world title belt."

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