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Timothy “Mayhem” Moten was born in 1992 in Louisville, Kentucky. He trains with Troy Bailey (his father) and Josh Sachs/ Derby City Boxing, Louisville, Kentucky. He fights in the heavyweight class and his fighting style is pressure boxer. His career highlights include Silver Gloves Regional Champion and Golden Gloves Regional Champion. As of 2024, his professional record is 11-0-1. He has been a sparring partner with Anthony Joshua and Luis Ortiz for their fights with Andy Ruiz.

He is the father of two strong young boys. He's been boxing since he was 12 on and off with a few breaks in between but always in the gym. As an amateur, he had about 80 amateur fights, and during his amateur years, he was the regional champion winning the Silver Gloves and Golden Gloves 4 times. He was able to place in the Under-19 nationals with a lot of fight show bouts all over the country.

Boxing in Louisville when he was coming up was not big at all there was one gym in the city that he trained at and his father's basement. He was the only fighter from Louisville at a lot of the fights he went to. So, unless he traveled, work was limited, especially being a super heavyweight. He says, "Now the boxing scene is a lot bigger, and every year, we are getting guys and girls to win the nationals or place so that’s nice to see."

Timothy turned pro in 2017. He wanted to turn pro sooner, but he had his youngest boy in 2014. But once his wife and him got settled, he says that his wife ""told me it was time to get back to it"". He got back to training in 2016, won the Tri-State Regional Golden Gloves, and went to the Golden Gloves nationals, weighed in at 310 lbs, and lost a 3-2 split in the first round of the nationals. He turned pro in October 2017 and weighed in at 276 lbs. He won his debut got to 5-0 reached out and got invited to Anthony Joshua’s Camp for four months. He got to train and spar with AJ and many other high caliber fighters. That time there was a blessing!

Timothy left camp, came home, and had another 5 fights. As of 2024, he's 10-0 and his 11th fight was a draw. He says that his "training wasn’t right for that fight and he needed more". Going down to Miami with coach Herman Caicedo and sparring with Luis Ortiz to help him get ready for his fight with Andy Ruiz was a great experience for him. He says that he "learned loads from Coach Herman and loved the environment." When he went home from camp in 2022, he changed his training situation around to mimic the camps he had been in. This January, he had his 12th fight back. Then, Timothy spoke with Coach Herman about Team Combat League. Timothy says, "Shortly after, he said he had a spot on the team for me so here I am! I couldn’t pass up an opportunity to learn, get sharper, and better. Being a real warrior I’m always eager to sharpen and improve my skills. I couldn’t be more excited to be on the team!" His motivation is to be able to feed his family fighting and doing what I he loves to do to Team Combat League helps in every way. He hopes to win the Team Combat League Championship season 2!

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