Samuel Arnold

Light Heavyweight - 175
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Samuel Arnold


Samuel Arnold III is a young fighter originally from the legendary boxing city of St. Louis, Missouri. Boxing has always been a part of his family's history. As a kid, his uncles, dad, and grandpa always maintained a strong boxing influence — from having Floyd Mayweather fight parties to having us compete with the kids around our age in the neighborhood and taking us to the actual gym and training and competing earlier, when he first started in St. Louis, he was too young to compete. He used to have to lie about his age to get in the gym because most gyms wouldn’t train five and six year olds as eight is the earliest children can compete. Fast forward a few years, he moved to Texas and started competing as an amateur around 10 years old. He had a rough start because he pretty much had to start over from scratch due to not training for so long, But he knew he had a real future in boxing even when it didn’t seem like a few years in and he had never been ranked no.1 in the nation. At 15 years old, he made his mind up to be the best boxer in the nation, dedicating himself to that goal 100%. He won everything in 2 weight classes, becoming no.1 in the USA and winning five National titles in one year with a 90% lean ratio at the highest level of amateur boxing. Then, the pandemic came, which blocked out a whole year of boxing. Things were still looking bad for his amateur career as amateur boxing in the USA was stagnating post-pandemic. So, at 17 years old on two weeks' notice, he decided to go professional. Since then, he has worked his way up from fighting in little venues in Mexico to fighting at the Cowboys stadium in the Alamodome at just 18 years old. He's already fought on television and on some of the biggest stages in the world. He recently turned 20 in the middle of the Team Combat League season — 12-0 in the TCL. Now, he's looking to help his team win the Mega Brawl.

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St. Louis
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