Jeremy Adorno

Featherweight - 126
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Jeremy "Magic hands" Adorno was born in San Juan, Puerto Rico. He started boxing as soon as he could walk. His first boxing fight was at 4 years old. Jeremy grew up in Allentown, P.A., and now lives and trains in Orlando, Florida. He'll be fighting at 126 lbs in the TCL. He's a southpaw.

As of 2024, Jeremy is a 17-time national champion. He was in 2017 Team USA and also won the NBA title as a pro-fighter. He started his career fighting with my dad, Anibal Adorno, as his trainer in Puerto Rico. They moved to Allentown, P.A. when Jeremy was 8 years old. In 2020, Jeremy separated from his father as a trainer and started training with Raul “Chino” Rivas, who’s also the head coach of Orlando Vipers in TCL.

Jeremy explains, "Growing up, my mom always made a way for all of my siblings and I to have everything and also made sure we never went without anything. I’m a brother of 6, 5 boys and 1 girl, we all boxed growing up and we were always competitive."

In 2019, Jeremy graduated from Allentown, PA, and in 2020, he moved to Florida. Jeremy met his girlfriend, Kaylani, and her daughter, Kalea, in 2021. The following year, they had their daughter, Leila, in November. During this time, Jeremy continued with his professional career, and in November 2023, he won the NBA title and in 2024, he's fighting for the TCL.

Jeremy says, "My number one motivation is my family, to give my girls what I never had growing up and also myself, to see what the future holds and what the future brings me. God gave me this talent for a reason."

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San Juan, Puerto Rico
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