Hakim Tito Lopez

Light Heavyweight - 175
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Hakim Tito Lopez is Puerto Rican and was born in 1994 in New Brunswick, New Jersey. When he was 13, he moved to Eastside, Atlanta where he currently owns a Boxing Gym with his brothers. The gym was passed down to them from their late dad, Tito Lopez, who passed away in 2020. His older brother handles the day-to-day operations, so Hakim is able to focus completely on his career. Things haven't been easy ever since the passing of his dad who was the brains behind his whole career, but he is still here and still moving forward and most importantly, he is still highly focused on the team Hakim has now.

Other than his home gym, Granite City Boxing in Ellenwood, GA, he trains at Hitsville Gym in Forest Park with his head coach Byron O. in the morning. It's all about hard work and focus, with the end result being holding a major belt after the league. Hakim is competing in the 175 lbs division so he can focus on strategy rather than the weight cut. In the ring, he prides himself on being very smart and then everything else comes after that. Right now, Hakim is a pro fighter with a record of 13-1 and even though, he hates losing and never thought it would happen to me it doesn't and will never let that lesson stop me from the main objective. He is here to win in the ring and out. He has a very extensive amateur record with over 100+ fights and many awards. The only thing motivating him right now is to show the world that he belongs here and he is not leaving til he is on E.

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New Brunswick
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