Derrian Herron

Light Heavyweight - 175
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Derrian "Huncho" Herron was born in 1999 in Racine, Wisconsin. He was given the name "Huncho" by family members and boxing coaches growing up. He moved to Hattiesburg, Mississippi a few months before Hurricane Katrina when he was only 6. His family lost power and water, and there was a lot of flooding. 5 years later, he began boxing at Future Champs Boxing Club. He was taught by a great coach named Robert Williams from 10 years old. He started out as an amateur and won Golden Gloves and Silver Gloves multiple times. At 19 years old, Derrian turned pro. Then, he won his first 3 pro fights with 2 of them being TKOs. As of 2024, he has a total of 4 fights. He lost his most recent match by decision to an opponent who was 8-1; it was his first 6-round bout.

He is currently still chasing his dream and overcoming every challenge coming his way. His goal is to become an undisputed World Champion. He has 6 children: 3 boys and 3 girls. They look up to him. He says, "I’m a hero to them. My kids are part of my motivation. They make me work harder and also keep me busy. I love being their dad. I’m proud to be out of trouble, doing what’s best for my family." Derrian moved from Mississippi to Houston, Texas at 24 years old. He heard about the TCL and the outstanding program and coaches they have. He says, "God blessed me with a big opportunity for me and my family, and I need it bad, so I made it my duty to attend tryouts. I met more great fighters and awesome coaches who are going to make me a better fighter." Derrian is now part of Houston Hitmen. He has accomplished one of his main goals, and he's working harder than ever to be an outstanding fighter this season, represent his team, and take care of his family.

Birth place
Racine, Wisconsin
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