Mona Ward, the formidable bantamweight fighter, is gearing up for the upcoming season of Team Combat League (TCL) action. As a proud member of the Atlanta Attack, Ward is ready to make her mark in this unique league, where male and female boxers unite to compete fiercely. The format is distinctive, with each match consisting of 18 intense three-minute rounds, spanning six weight categories, and every round being individually scored, with extra points for knockouts and knockdowns.

For Mona Ward, boxing has been a lifelong calling. She discovered her passion for the sport at the age of 12 in a local rec center, just a stone’s throw from her home. Growing up in a large family of seven siblings, she naturally took on the role of protector. Little did she know that her early workouts with a punching bag in her aunt’s house were laying the foundation for her future in boxing.

“It actually fits me and my personality,” Ward remarked. “I believe boxing was a gift that was given to me. Once I started getting involved more and more, I started to learn.” In her journey, she’s come to appreciate that even losses in the ring provide invaluable insights into the sport.

Mona Ward in Amsterdam NewsWard, recently featured in Amsterdam News, draws inspiration from remarkable female boxers like Claressa Shields, a two-time Olympic gold medalist and a reigning professional champion. Shields not only motivates but also shares insights into her training regimen, right down to her pregame meals. “I gained a lot of confidence watching her,” Ward said. “She’s not afraid.”

Stepping into the Ring: Mona Ward’s Journey in the Upcoming TCL Season

The upcoming TCL season, commencing in the spring and spanning four months, promises Ward a series of weekly battles. Ward, who had an illustrious career as an amateur boxer, wholeheartedly embraces the team spirit within the league. “Once I started with TCL, I loved it,” Ward expressed. “We’re working side by side with each other, going hard. If anyone is slacking, we push each other.”

Before the next TCL season, Mona Ward is determined to line up more professional fights that align with her overarching goal – to ascend to the pinnacle of the bantamweight division as a champion. “I have a pro fight in January 2024. I’m hoping to have something before that,” Ward revealed. While juggling her career as a professional boxer, she’s also a devoted mother of three, proudly telling her children that their mom is a professional boxer.

Her sights are firmly set on becoming the bantamweight champion of the world and etching her name in history as the first from St. Louis to achieve this remarkable feat. As Ward aptly puts it, “I have to continue to work hard in order to do that.” Her unwavering dedication and unrelenting spirit promise an exciting journey ahead.