Former world champion Austin Trout sat down with Seconds Out to discuss his entry into the Team Combat League (TCL), share insights from tryouts, and hint at a potential return to the ring. Joining the Houston Hitmen, Austin elaborates on the positive impact of TCL’s concept on boxing and emphasizes the need for fighters to have a platform. He sheds light on his squad’s preparation, expresses confidence in their readiness, and hints at a strong start in 2024 with a bare-knuckle championship fight on February 2nd.

In addition to discussing TCL, Austin shares thoughts on Anthony Joshua’s victory over Otto Wallin and the surprising loss of Deontay Wilder to Joe Parker. Looking ahead, Austin reveals his ambitious plans for a two-sport, two-time world championship in 2024, combining boxing and bare-knuckle fighting. He targets big names for potential boxing matches, including Danny Garcia and Keith Thurman, expressing a keen interest in rematches with the Charlo brothers.

As Austin Trout gears up for both TCL and his personal boxing journey, he leaves a message for rival teams: ‘Don’t take us lightly; we’re not here for show. No need to worry; just one round – we’re bringing the heat.’ Stay tuned for a thrilling TCL season and Austin’s impactful comeback in the boxing world.