Former WBA light middleweight champion Austin Trout takes on a new role as a coach for the Team Combat League’s Season II. Alongside Houston’s seasoned boxing trainer, Bobby Benton, they’re assembling the Houston Hitmen team for the upcoming season.

Trout, still passionate about boxing, considers this a primary focus, indicating he might step back into the ring if the right opportunity arises. Training for 10 weeks, the duo plans to curate a 24-member team, and open tryouts will be held at Benton’s Main Street Boxing Gym on Nov. 18 and Nov. 19.

“We’re seeking fierce, active, and exciting fighters with great personalities,” Trout expressed. “Winning is our priority; we’re here to make a statement,” Benton echoed.

Both Trout and Benton aim to shine a spotlight on Houston’s underrated boxing scene. While Benton coaches world-class boxers like Devin Haney, Trout, a native of Las Cruces, has had remarkable fights and views Houston as a breeding ground for boxing talent.

Initially considered as a fighter, Trout was swayed to join as a coach, inspired by the opportunity to work with Benton. Their goal? Not just participation but triumph. The Houston Hitmen will have fighters across eight weight classes, and the season kicks off on March 28.

“This will be a significant opportunity for fighters; they’ll gain experience and potential financial gain without affecting their professional records,” Trout highlighted, emphasizing the chance for fighters to elevate their status and develop a fanbase.

Benton concluded with fervor, “We’re here to win it all. Winning is the only goal, anything less will feel like defeat.”

The tryouts are scheduled for Nov. 18 (open) and Nov. 19 (invite-only) at Main Street Boxing Gym, Houston. Contact 713-658-0299 for details.