Fresh off his BKFC Welterweight Title victory in February, Austin Trout is transitioning to coaching as he prepares to lead the Houston Hitmen in the upcoming season of the Team Combat League (TCL). While the TCL officially kicks off this weekend, Trout’s Hitmen won’t make their debut until April 11.

Trout, along with two other coaches, is responsible for guiding the 24 athletes on the Houston Hitmen team. Emphasizing the importance of coaching and strategy in TCL events, Trout highlights the unique challenge posed by having 24 fighters compete in individual three-minute rounds.

“When you have one fighter that does what that fighter does well, you try to exploit the things that are good and try to fix the things that are bad, it’s pretty easy,” Trout explains. “We have 24 fighters that all do something good and all do something not so good, and they got 24 fighters, so you just have to find the best pick.”

Excitement runs high as Trout anticipates his team’s performance, promising fans an electrifying show. “So, you can expect to see every round is going to be explosive,” he declares. “We got a squad that can really fight and they can really box. So we are going to see a lot of stoppages, and knockouts, you know what I mean, we are coming with everything.”