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Team Combat League, the nation’s first and only boxing league with a team-based ownership model.

Team Combat League matches feature 24 three minute rounds of non stop action. Competitors compete in one round matches and are categorized into eight weight classes, consisting of six male weight classes 126lbs., 135lbs., 147lbs., 160lbs., 175lbs., and 201lbs.+ and two female weight classes, 126lbs., and 147lbs. Sixteen fighters or two fighters per weight class per team appear in each match.

Each match is broken up into three periods. The first 8 rounds are the Launch Rounds, rounds 9-16 are the Middle Rounds and rounds 17-24 are the Money Rounds.

TCL employs an exclusive point scoring system and each round is scored individually. Judging is carried out by a panel of three judges which are licensed by a State Athletic Boxing Commission.  A round is scored 10-9 for the winner of a decision based on points. If a knockdown occurs, the scoring is 10-8, and in the case of two knockdowns or a stoppage, the round is scored a 10-7.

The scoring process is straightforward: all the individual round scores are added up and the team with the highest total score at the end of all 24 rounds wins!

Minutes Per Round
Fighters per Team
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Rounds per Match

Weight classes

126 lbs

Male/Female Featherweight

135 lbs


147 lbs

Male/Female Welterweight

160 lbs


175 lbs

Light Heavyweight

201 lbs


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